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50. Torah learner's Paradise

$1,000 GIFT CARD

This prize is a Torah learner’s paradise: win a $1,000 gift certificate for any seforim you desire. Buy lots of tickets because that way, while you’re learning Torah, happy new KSCVK couples will have all the basics they need to joyously celebrate their weddings.
L'iluy Nishmas Shimon ben Yissachar Eliyahu Spiero A"H

51. Under 5’10”

$500 Gift Card

Are you the right size for this terrific prize? A lucky gentleman under 5’10” is going to be thrilled with the stylish new wardrobe he selects, compliments of Under 5’10”, the newest upscale men’s shop to open on Albany Avenue. Step in and be enthused over all you find there.
Sponsored by Under510.com

55. Homegoods Marshalls TJ Maxx

$500 Gift Card

Make your home a welcoming haven when you buy home essentials and accessories at deep discounts from Home Goods, Marshalls or TJ Maxx.
In honor of our children Freeda, Sarah, Simi and Zalman

56. Designer Bag

$550 Gift Card

Splurge on your dream bag from the designer of your choice with this great $550 Gift Card.
Sponsored by Shloime & Faigy Gutleizer

57. Shoes

$600 Gift Card

Upgrade your wardrobe with your dream handcrafted designer Italian leather footwear from ASOLIANI.COM. Select fabulous boots -- from brogues to stilettos to chunky heels -- in rich stylish colors. Or opt for embellished loafers, on-trend flats,and more with a terrific $600 gift card to asoliani.com.
Sponsored by A. Soliani לע"נ עטיל בת ישעי' ע"ה

67. Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic

$500 Gift Card

Clothe your family with quality fashion at Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic, your choice.
Dedicated in honor of Devorah Benjamin and KSCVK from the grateful students and staff at Machon L'Yahadus - Rabbi Majeski, Principal

72. Kahan’s Superette

$250 Gift Card

Fill your shopping cart without checking the prices with this $250 Gift Card to Kahan’s Superette.
Sponsored by Kahan’s Superette

73. Bon'Knit Children's Clothing

$250 Gift Card

Bring out the delicate beauty in your infant or toddler when you dress them in exquisite Bon’Knit apparel, made in Brazil. Select your favorite breathtaking ensembles with a terrific $250 Gift Certificate, and enjoy Shabbos and Yom Tov with your child more than ever.
Sponsored by Bon'Knit

75. Primo Hat

Crown the man in your life with a hat of their choice from Primo Hatters.
Sponsored by Primo Hatters

76. Silk gartel

This resplendent silk gartel will surely enhance your davening experience and remind you of your soul’s beautiful bond with the A-lmighty.
לע""נ גרשון פישל בן מרדכי גדלי'ה הלוי היימס ז"ל

77. The Container Store

$250 Gift Card

Organize your life at last with a super $250 Gift Card to The Container Store.
Sponsored by Anonymous

79. Choice of Glasses or Sunglasses

Update your look with a new pair of glasses or sunglasses at Seeview Optical.
Sponsored by Seeview Optical

80. Paper Goods

No need to wash the dishes – with this disposable prize - Includes 14 cases of assorted paper goods, plates, cups, napkins, aluminum pans, forks, spoons and knives plus a bonus gift of a case each of Reflections forks, knives and spoons.
Sponsored by Dovi & Nomi Andrusier

81. Essel Eyewear

What will it be this time? – A stylish pair of frames for an adult? A vintage design out of the pages of history? A fun, colorful pair of frames for a child? You’ll join a host of satisfied customers when you select one pair of frames plus lenses, compliments of Essel Eyewear of Crown Heights.
Sponsored by Essel Eyewear

82. Gutnick Seforim Collection

Breathe new life and excitement into your learning with a terrific collection of acclaimed seforim published by Gutnick and edited by the renowned Rabbi Chaim Miller. This great prize includes the 5-volume Gutnick Chumash; 3 volumes of The Practical Tanya; Tehillim; Haggadah; and Rabbi Miller’s The Five Books of Moses and Turning Judaism Outward, and more.
Sponsored by Rabbi Meyer & Shaindy Gutnick

88. Kosherfamily.com

$300 Gift Card

Kosherfamily.com the virtual storefront of the Marketplace Supermarket, provides an amazing online shopping experience. The user friendly website makes it easy to shop from the comfort of your home. Enjoy this Gift Card to the site and in just a few hours fresh groceries will be at your door.
Sponsored by Kosherfamily.com

89. The Kids Shoppe

$250 Gift Card

Located in the heart of Crown Heights. Boys and girls affordable clothing. Newborn to 8 years. Beautiful selection of baby gifts and layettes. Non-transferable / expires in 6 months.
Sponsored by The Kids Shoppe