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GP. Grand Prize (this item is not included in the discount packages)

$10,000 in Cash

1 Ticket for $50
3 Tickets for $125
Sponsored in Z'chus of all those in need of a Shidduch

JP. Jackpot (this item is not included in the discount packages)

1 Ticket $10
3 Tickets $25
The winner gets a chance to win in every box.

9. $2,500 Cash

Use your extra cash flow for day to day spending or splurge on something exquisite with $2,500 cash.
Sponsored by a friend of KSCVK

18. Glorious KMR Getaway for Two

Leave it to KMR to provide you with a rejuvenating vacation in unparalleled luxury. Choose from:

Palm Springs

5 Days / 4 Nights

Winter break with KMR is sure to be memorable at the picturesque Miramonte Resort and Spa. Enjoy outstanding cuisine, meaningful shiurim and exciting entertainmemt all in the perfect climate of Palm Springs.

Banff, Alberta (Canadian Rockies)

5 Days / 4 Night
Few hotels in the world can rival the magnificent Fairmont Banff Springs, with its opulent rooms in one of the most beautiful settings on earth. Enjoy the 7 waterfalls of Johnston Canyon, canoe breathtaking Lake Louise, play golf, soar to the summit of Sulphur Mountain in an air gondola or just relax and enjoy the view.

Vail, Colorado

5 Days / 4 Night
Vail, Colorado beckons you to enjoy spectacular Rocky Mountain views, pamper yourself in separate spa facilities and enjoy hiking, fishing, golfing and white water rafting. Luxury accommodations at the Vail Cascade Resort and Spa. Cholov Yisroel, glatt kosher, chassidishe shechita and mashgichei temidi. (Not responsible for typographical errors)
Winner responsible for taxes and gratuities. www.kmrtours.com
Co-Sponsored by KMR Tours and לע''נ יצחק שמואל וחנה ברכה בעקער ע"ה

21. Save or Splurge

$1,500 Visa Gift Card

Purchase seforim, fly off and surprise someone, take a well deserved break, donate to tzedoka or save for a rainy day. Do you really need us to tell you what to do with a $1,500 Visa Gift Card.
Sponsored in honor of Devorah, Shmuel, Chaya and Yosef Benjamin for being such an amazing family.

22. Two Beds

A pair of oh-so-comfy spring mattresses with box springs. (Your choice of sizes up to 54”)
Sponsored by sleepmattress.com

37. $1,000 Visa Gift Card

So many dreams can come true when you win this $1,000 Visa Gift Card.
לע''נ הרה"ח מנחם מענדל ב"ר זאב ע"ה לע''נ הרה"ח הרה"ת יונה בן הרה"ח הרה"ת מאיר ע"ה אבצן the tireless director of Sichos in English and shadchan, who was zoche to help hundreds of couples build a Bayis Neeman B"Yisroel.

69. One Year of Manicures

Keep your hands looking their loveliest with a year’s worth of manicures – once a week at the salon of your choice. (Cannot exceed $550) Sponsored in honor of parents of children in shidduchim by Anonymous

90. Three 30-minute CHILD CranioSacral Therapy sessions

CST balances the nervous system using a gentle manual touch with the intent of addressing strain patterns held within the body. This modality supports the whole body function, thereby benefitting the emotional and/ or physical symptoms your child may be exhibiting.
($200 Value)

91. Make-up by Mushky Ess

The perfect solution to your next simcha is now within your reach. Cross the make-up task off your to do list and treat yourself and 2 friends to a whole new look with this incredible make-up prize for 3.

92. Brooklyn Hair loft

Get your wig washed/updo or have your girls hair done for the next family simcha. Up to $150 value.
Faigy Vail 539 Montgomery St. side entrance www.BrooklynHairLoft.com - 347-722-0959

93. Make Up for 3 by Gittel

For your next simcha, treat yourself and family or friends to a grand makeup session for three by the talented Gittel Rosenberger.
(Restrictions apply)
Make up by Gittel 347-985-0567

94. Crown Elite Laser by Devorie

Enjoy 3 laser sessions and one half-hour electrolysis session for safe, effective hair removal utilizing state-of-the-art, sterile equipment in the private, relaxing setting of Devorie’s salon.

95. Cranio-Sacral Therapy

(CST) is a gentle, hands-on holistic healing method that releases tensions deep in the body to improve emotional health, physical well-being and whole-body performance. CST has gained its popularity for effectively relieving its clients from anxiety and stress related symptoms, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, chronic pain, hormone imbalances and many other health concerns. Its gentle approach offers a relaxing pleasant experience for all ages. Includes 2 one-hour adult sessions.

96. Spielman Carpet Cleaning

Pesach is coming – time to win this great prize and delight in your fresh, lovely carpets. Shmuel Spielman will professionally clean your carpets in two rooms plus one hallway, compliments of KSCVK.
לע”נ ישעי' בן יוסף הכהן, חי'ה בת יעקב יואל ע”ה
לע”נ הרב גבריאל נח הי"ד בן ר' נחמן שיחי', רבקה הי"ד בת ר' שמעון שיחי'