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GP. Grand Prize (this item is not included in the discount packages)

$10,000 in Cash

1 Ticket for $50
3 Tickets for $125
Sponsored in Z'chus of all those in need of a Shidduch

JP. Jackpot (this item is not included in the discount packages)

1 Ticket $10
3 Tickets $25
The winner gets a chance to win in every box.

7. Desktop or Laptop Computer

$2,500 Gift Card

Love to spread your computer work across your desk, or tote a laptop on all your adventures? Make a computer wish today, and it’s yours! Select your dream PC or Mac with a stupendous $2,500 gift card, compliments of KSCVK.

לזכות ולעילוי נשמת מרת מרים בת ר' משה יעקב הכהן ע''ה

9. $2,500 Cash

Use your extra cash flow for day to day spending or splurge on something exquisite with $2,500 cash.
Sponsored by a friend of KSCVK

20. Laptop Computer – Your Choice

$1,800 Gift Card

Love balancing the family budget, or designing lesson plans in the garden? Do it all, anywhere, on your great new laptop! When you win this super prize, you will enjoy a generous $1,800 gift card to spend on any laptop you like.
Sponsored for all the great work you do from Dovid & Malkie Smetana

21. Save or Splurge

$1,500 Visa Gift Card

Purchase seforim, fly off and surprise someone, take a well deserved break, donate to tzedoka or save for a rainy day. Do you really need us to tell you what to do with a $1,500 Visa Gift Card.
Sponsored in honor of Devorah, Shmuel, Chaya and Yosef Benjamin for being such an amazing family.

36. Smart Phone

Stay connected, informed and entertained with the most up-to-date smartphone. (iPhone or Android)
Sponsored in honor of all those parents going through the shidduch process. Hatzlocha!

37. $1,000 Visa Gift Card

So many dreams can come true when you win this $1,000 Visa Gift Card.
לע''נ הרה"ח מנחם מענדל ב"ר זאב ע"ה לע''נ הרה"ח הרה"ת יונה בן הרה"ח הרה"ת מאיר ע"ה אבצן the tireless director of Sichos in English and shadchan, who was zoche to help hundreds of couples build a Bayis Neeman B"Yisroel.

39. Ultimate Music Package

Many sources in Torah, including from our Rebbes, discuss the power of music to refine, elevate and bring simcha into the heart and home. Use this wonderful prize to elevate your life with beautiful, inspiring music, podcasts, and other great listening. Prize includes:
A) Bose Soundlink Revolve: You get the best of both worlds – audio streaming and portability – combined in the Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker. This terrific speaker combines with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, like smartphones and tablets, for fine quality wireless music streaming. Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 12 hours of play time.
B) Two pair of Airpod Pro: Enjoy immersive sound and optimal comfort with the Apple AirPods Pro with Wireless Charging Case, sweat- and water-resistant wireless Bluetooth earphones.These amazing devices use optical sensors and a motion accelerometer to detect when their in your ears. The lightweight, in-ear design boasts a customizable fit while providing complete sonic performance. Use Active Noise Cancellation to keep you focused on enjoying your content, or switch to Transparency Mode to stay aware of what’s going on around you. Plus, you’ll enjoy a terrific $300 iTunes gift card.
Airpod Pros sponsored לע''נ מרת טובה גיטל בת ר' יוסף צבי ע''ה ונעמי בת ר' אברהם משה ועירית יבלח"ט
Music G.C. Sponsored in zechus that my family and friends should find their bashert quickly and speedily
Bose Sponsored in loving memory of our aunt Miriam Matel bas Shimon HaKohen A”H

40. Top-Of-The-Line Camera

Sony Alpha A7 II Mirrorless Digital Camera with Fe 28-70 mm
Pick up this terrific “you-can’t-go-wrong” digital camera and revel in the pleasure of producing magnificent images and videos that connect directly to your phone to share immediately. Product highlights include 24.3MP fullframe Exmor CMOS sensor, BIONZ X image processor, 5-axis SteadyShot inside stabilization, enhanced fast hybrid AF and 5 fps Burst, weather-resistant magnesium alloy body, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with NFC, and more.
Sponsored by Benam's Photo

45. iPad Pro

Where do you imagine yourself with a thin, lightweight new 12.9 inch, 1TB iPad Pro? In Jerusalem, wherever you go, 24/6 your iPad Pro can be with you.
Refuah Sheleima Chaim Tzvi Hirsh ben Gutel by Yumi & Zeldy Klein

52. Segway Scooter

Whiz around town at up to 19 mph on this thrilling luxury electric kick scooter. Slim portable folding design and 30-lb. weight make storage a snap. Safe and comfortable riding features include shock absorbers on large solid tires, anti-lock braking, and superior LED display. Customizable ambient light colors, Bluetooth capabilities, cruise control, and mobile app connectivity contribute additional top-notch safety features to this deluxe scooter.
Sponsored in honor of the Rebbe

60. Samsung Powerbot Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming as a chore will be a thing of the past when you own an astonishingly simple-to-use and effective Samsung PowerBot. Just press the button remotely any time and be wowed by the thorough job performed by this high-suction wonder machine. It gets into all the hard-to-reach places and efficiently cleans better than you imagined possible.
Sponsored by Yossi & Libby Chein in honor of all singles who need shidduchim

64. Apple Watch Series 2

It’s your GPS and your fitness tracker. You can swim with it, and stay connected to the people and information you care about. Customize it by picking the case, band and style you love, and get going with your new Apple Watch Series 2!
Sponsored in zechus of all those who need a shidduch

68. Sony Camera

Alpha A6000

Mirrorless digital camera and accessories kit
Be equipped with all the essentials you need to begin shooting great photos with the advanced Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 16-50 mm lens and accessory kit. It pairs the APS-C format camera and versatile zoom lens with a memory card, a spare battery, and a protective camera bag. Let the fun begin!
Sponsored L'zecher Nishmas our dear father, Eliyahu ben Aryeh Zev by Rabbi Yosef & Chana Lipsker

84. Magna Tiles

These innovative, magnetic building tiles are designed to hold a childs interest and attention, build critical developmental skills and promote imaginative play and creativity.
לע"נ ברוך שלום ע"ה בן משה יהושע שיחי'
by Moshe & Hinda Leah Singer/Adler & Family

85. For Lego Lovers

Build your child’s fine motor skills and imagination with a huge assortment of lego building blocks.
לע''נ התינוק אלטער הירשל דוד ע''ה בן שמעון אהרן שיחי' by his loving parents Shimon & Chavie Strauss