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24. Children's Books & more

Your kids will delight with their own couch and $360 worth of Jewish children’s books of your choice. Plus, enjoy a collection of Dina Rosenfeld classic children’s series as well as a selection from Hachai Publications. In addition enhance your book assortment with a $180 gift card to HaChai.
Couch sponsored in honor of our grandchildren Roger & Judith Cowen
$360 worth of Jewish children’s books sponsord לע''נ יצחק וועלוועל בן יודעל הלוי ע''ה לע''נ שיינדל בת צבי הירש הכהן ע''ה לע''נ צוי בן משה ע''ה Dina Rosenfeld Books sponsored by Dina Rosenfeld in loving memory of her father (R' Menachem Zev ben Pinchus A"H) Emil W. Herman.
Hachai Gift Card sponsored by Abba Realty by Mendel and Shaina Levin

25. Sensational Jewelry

$1,800 Gift Card

A thrilling thought: You dream you won this entrancing 14K yellow gold heart pendant outlined in artfully designed clusters of glittering diamonds, plus coordinating scalloped diamond drop earrings in an elegant baroque shape. You awaken to find them under your pillow… KSCVK thanks you warmly for your deep devotion to our worthy couples who, because of you, will begin their lives together in the most joyous way possible. (Jewelry pictured is for illustration purposes only. Choose any jewelry at gift certificate value from the luxurious collection at the Kirsch showroom.)
Sponsored by Rivky Kirsh of Kirsh Jewelers

26. Me’am Lo’ez

Me’am Loez, counted as one of the best commentaries written on the Torah. The Torah Anthology provides one of the clearest and most engaging overviews of Chumash and Nach.
לע''נ ר' יוסף יצחק בן ר' דוד הכהן פערלאוו ע''ה

27. Lowes/Ikea

$1,200 Gift Card

Choose to use this $1,200 Gift Card at Lowes for all your home improvement and building supplies or Ikea for world famous inexpensive quality furniture for your home.
Sponsored by Abe and Dvora New

28. Captivating jewelry

$1,500 Gift Card

Imagine: A youngster you’ve never seen before tosses a large rubber ball through your open window. Afraid, the child runs away. The ball has broken open, and inside is an incredible set of matte gold cuff bracelets with matching ring, all with contrast trimming of diamonds in a delicate floral design. (Or select any jewelry you love of equal value from Laine’s stunning Crown Heights showroom. Items pictured may exceed prize value.)
Sponsored by Levi Laine Jewelers

29. Seforim Wish List

$1,500 Gift Card

Learn to your hearts content with this dream gift: a $1,500 Gift Card to Kehos, Eichler’s or seforimsets.com
Sponsored by Avremel and Tobi Lokshin and Nachmen and Toby Lokshin in honor of the amazing work that Devorah Benjamin does.

30. Target

$1,200 Gift Card

So much to choose from – clothing to housewares, furniture to toys and so much more with this $1,200 Gift Card from Target.
Sponsored in honor of a future chosson.

31. Washer & Dryer

$1,300 Gift Card

Use this $1,300 Gift Card towards any brand of Washer/Dryer of your liking.
Sponsored in Zechus of all those in need of Shidduchim!

32. Baby Package

$1,200 Gift Card

Babies: those precious, delightful little gifts from Heaven. When you win this terrific prize, you will see Hashem’s direct hand in providing for the baby’s needs from its birth! The superb $1,200 gift card to Everything but the Baby will buy a handsome amount of quality baby furniture and equipment for your dear little neshama. Shep nachas!
Sponsored in honor of a refuah sheleima for Leah bas Sarah Baila and Yaakov ben Sarah Rivka.

33. Choice of stroller

Glide your baby in style with the stroller that best suits your needs. (Up to $1,200)
Sponsored by a friend of KSCVK.

34. Glorious Silver

$1,200 Gift Card

Set your imagination free and select any royal silver treasure you wish to enhance your Shabbos or Yom Tov table. A breathtaking Shabbos candelabra, a stunning menorah, an intricately-engraved kvort, a sparkling flower vase…and the list goes on. Buy this ticket to make dreams come true for a happy kallah – and we hope your dreams come true, too!
Sponsored L'iluy Nishmas Lieba (Linda) bas Boruch Weg A"H by Yossi & Matti Korf.

35. Women's Shopping Spree

$1,200 Gift Card

One lucky lady will satisy her love for all things beautiful with her choice of fine items from her favorite stores. Gift card can be divided in any combination to either Zara, Bloomingdales or Nordstrom.
Lilluy Nishmas Rivkah Dina bas Shraga Faivish by Faivish & Tamar Pewzner
By the Mazel Tov Women’s Group

37. $1,000 Visa Gift Card

So many dreams can come true when you win this $1,000 Visa Gift Card.
לע''נ הרה"ח מנחם מענדל ב"ר זאב ע"ה לע''נ הרה"ח הרה"ת יונה בן הרה"ח הרה"ת מאיר ע"ה אבצן the tireless director of Sichos in English and shadchan, who was zoche to help hundreds of couples build a Bayis Neeman B"Yisroel.

39. Ultimate Music Package

Many sources in Torah, including from our Rebbes, discuss the power of music to refine, elevate and bring simcha into the heart and home. Use this wonderful prize to elevate your life with beautiful, inspiring music, podcasts, and other great listening. Prize includes:
A) Bose Soundlink Revolve: You get the best of both worlds – audio streaming and portability – combined in the Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker. This terrific speaker combines with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, like smartphones and tablets, for fine quality wireless music streaming. Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 12 hours of play time.
B) Two pair of Airpod Pro: Enjoy immersive sound and optimal comfort with the Apple AirPods Pro with Wireless Charging Case, sweat- and water-resistant wireless Bluetooth earphones.These amazing devices use optical sensors and a motion accelerometer to detect when their in your ears. The lightweight, in-ear design boasts a customizable fit while providing complete sonic performance. Use Active Noise Cancellation to keep you focused on enjoying your content, or switch to Transparency Mode to stay aware of what’s going on around you. Plus, you’ll enjoy a terrific $300 iTunes gift card.
Airpod Pros sponsored לע''נ מרת טובה גיטל בת ר' יוסף צבי ע''ה ונעמי בת ר' אברהם משה ועירית יבלח"ט
Music G.C. Sponsored in zechus that my family and friends should find their bashert quickly and speedily
Bose Sponsored in loving memory of our aunt Miriam Matel bas Shimon HaKohen A”H

42. Macys Gift Card

$1,000 Gift Card

$1,000 Gift Card to Macy’s, the largest department store in New York City.
לע"נ פעסי'ה לאה הי"ד בת שרגא פייוול ע"ה לאפיין
לע''נ ישראל בן שמואל הכהן

46. Dream Kitchenaid Appliance Package

You’re sure to enjoy working in your kitchen when you power through all your food prep tasks with a fabulous, beautiful, color-coordinated set of KitchenAid countertop appliances in the hue you love!
KitchenAid ProLine Series 7-Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer: Turn your stand mixer into the culinary center of your kitchen. With over 10 attachments, prepare everything from cakes and breads to fresh pasta, burgers, veggie noodles, ice cream and more.
KitchenAid 7-Cup Food Processor Plus: A breeze to use, clean and store, the KitchenAid food processor makes short work of slicing, whether it’s crunchy cucumbers and cabbage or delicate tomatoes and cheeses. Even knead pizza and bread dough with the ultra-sharp dough blade.
KitchenAid 5-Cup Food Chopper: Chop, mix and puree, or whip and stir – from coarse to fine, from whipped cream to dressings and sauces – with this marvelous can’t-do-without-it machine.
KItchenAid 2-Speed Hand Blender: Quickly blend your smoothies, soups, milkshakes, hummus and so much more with this terrifically useful tool.
KitchenAid 5-Speed Diamond Blender: A favorite of homemakers for decades, this powerful machine ensures that all your ingredients blend together exceptionally quickly and efficiently.
Sponsored in honor of Devorah Benjamin

47. Costco or BJ's

$1,000 Gift Card

Shop Costco, America’s #1 wholesale club for electronics, furniture, appliances, home goods and more or BJ's wholsale club with a $1,000 Gift Card.
Sponsored in honor of Nina Schottenstein's Bat Mitzvah by her Mama Lea, Auntie Miryam, Auntie Chana & Auntie Yael

48. Choice of Grocery

$1,000 Gift Card

Who doesn’t want to win cartsful of free groceries—to the tune of $1,000—at the grocery store of their choice? We’re sure you do!! While you get your tickets and hope to provide your own daily necessities, remember that you will be providing necessities for a worthy chosson and kallah as they set up their new home.
Sponsored by friends of KSCVK