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74. Olivia Burton watch

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$250 Gift Card

Select the most stunning feminine timepiece
imaginable with a grand $250 gift certificate
for a marvelous Olivia Burton watch exclusive to
Nordstrom. Select a floral design or an utterly simple,
clean look. Wear it, and enjoy every moment knowing
you have helped a chosson and kallah enjoy their
unforgettably wonderful wedding day.

לע''נ ברכה בת אליעזר הלוי ע"ה

לע''נ יחיאל בן חיים פנחס ע"ה

לע''נ דניאל בן יחיאל ע"ה

לע""נ גרשון פישל בן מרדכי גדלי'ה הלוי היימס ז"ל
Parents and only sibling of Yaakovah (Mrs. Eliyahu) Weber

Price: $5.00