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66. Nespresso

$400 Gift Card

Coffee lovers, rejoice – have we got a prize for you! Win a super $400 Nespresso gift card and select your favorite machine, choose fun accessories, and/or experiment with a full range of extraordinary flavors from Linzer Torte to Stormio and Voltesso.

Sponsored by Devorah Leah Coen

79. Amazon Echo

Kids call it a toy, Bubbies call it a sign Moshiach is close - officially, it's Amazon Echo. With voice control, command it to play music, read your day’s schedule, give a weather report, order more paper towels… It fills any room with 360 degree immersive sound and responds to your voice even with music playing. Now all we need is Moshiach.

לע''נ הרב ר' יוסף בן שמואל ע''ה וולדמן by Naftali & Chaya Berkowitz