Orders can be called in until Sunday, January 21, 2018 @ 7:00 PM EST at 347-770-3727.

Price: $20

23. Two Beds

A pair of oh-so-comfy spring mattresses with box springs. (Your choice of sizes up to 54”)

Sponsored by sleepmattress.com

24. Sensational Jewelry

$1,500 Gift Card

Not long ago you did a big favor for a neighbor, and she is so grateful that now she wants to reward you with a spectacular $1,500 gift card to Kirsh Jewelry. The favor was your generous donation to KSCVK, and the neighbor is KSCVK, on behalf of all the grateful kallahs whose weddings will be beautiful because you care. Here is a small selection from the fabulous collection of pieces you can choose from at their state-of-the-art showroom:
A) Sumptuous floral band of scintillating pink sapphires and diamond clusters to hug your finger in an elegant cocktail ring;
B) Stunning yet delicate medallion bracelet of Victorian-style diamond hearts and swirls rendered in 14K rose gold on a double chain;
C) Tender sweetheart medallion necklace features breathtaking diamond tendrils surrounding a captivating center diamond, fastened with a dainty chain;
D) Outstanding openwork braided bangle bracelet showcases opulent pink sapphires aced with magnificent diamonds, set in rich 14K rose gold.

Sponsored by Rivky Kirsh of Kirsh Jewelers

25. Mikes Dinette

$1,200 Gift Card

Select a stylish, sturdy table and dining chairs with a $1,200 Gift Card at Mike’s Dinette. Mike’s, located in the heart of Boro Park.

Co-Sponsored by Mike’s Dinetteand Zalman & Devorah Vishedsky

26. Save or Splurge

$1,500 Visa Gift Card

Purchase seforim, fly off and surprise someone, take a well deserved break, donate to Tzedoka or save for a rainy day. Do you really need us to tell you what to do with a $1,500 Visa Gift Card. Sponsored by Chony and Chanchi Milecki, in merit of all our family and friends who are looking for their mate, may it happen quickly and easily!

27. Jewelry

$1,500 Gift Card

Ooh la la – you are embarking on a beautiful adventure, dressed in your finest apparel, which is enhanced by the brand new precious jewelry piece of your choice, compliments of L.Laine Jewelry:
A) Majestic 14K white gold bangle bracelet embedded with captivating diamonds, crowned with a sparkling square diamond medallion;
B) Captivating 14K white gold earrings featuring diamond-drenched posts and cascades of glistening white cultured pearls;
C) Imposing 14K yellow gold cocktail ring culminating in a thrilling sea spray of round and baguette diamonds;
OR select any fine L.Laine jewelry you love with a generous gift certificate of $1500 to spend at their stunning showroom.

Sponsored by L.Laine Jewelers

28. Megillas Esther

Enjoy reading from your very own Mehudar Megillah, written in the ksav of your choice preserved in an intricate tooled leather case.

Sponsored by Rabbi Sebag & Family

29. Children's Books & more

Your kids will delight with their own couch and $360 worth of Jewish children’s books of your choice. Plus, enjoy a complete collection of D.L. Rosenfeld’s classic children’s series and a selection from Hachai Publications.
Couch sponsored
לזכות פרחה בת מוזל לרפואה שלימה
בקרוב ממש ולזכות יוצאי חלוצי'ה
$360 Book Gift Card sponsored
לע''נ יצחק וועלוועל בן יודעל הלוי ע''ה
לע''נ שיינדל בת צבי הירש הכהן ע''ה
לע''נ צוי בן משה ע''ה
Dina Rosenfeld Books sponsored by Dina Rosenfeld in loving memory of her father (R' Menachem Zev ben Pinchus A"H) Emil W. Herman & Hachai Publications

30. Me’am Lo’ez

Me’am Loez, counted as one of the best commentaries written on the Torah. The Torah Anthology provides one of the clearest and most engaging overviews of Chumash and Nach.

לע''נ הרה"ח ר' צבי בן הרה"ח ר' שמואל שכטר ע''ה by his grandchildren

31. Lowes/Ikea

$1,200 Gift Card

Choose to use this $1,200 Gift Card at Lowes for all your home improvement and building supplies or Ikea for world famous inexpensive quality furniture for your home.

לע"נ הבחור התמים הרב שלמה שלום ע"ה בן ר' חיים יהודה שיחי' ברשביצקי

32. Seforim Wish List

$1,500 Gift Card

Learn to your hearts content with this dream gift: a $1,500 Gift Card to Kehos, Eichler’s or seforimsets.com

לזכות ולעילוי נשמת מרת מרים בת ר' משה יעקב ע''ה

33. Target

$1,200 Gift Card

So much to choose from – clothing to housewares, furniture to toys and so much more with this $1,200 Gift Card from Target.

Sponsored by Anonymous

34. Washer & Dryer

$1,500 Gift Card

Use this $1,500 Gift Card towards any brand of Washer/Dryer of your liking.

Sponsored by Avraham & Dvora New

35. Choice of stroller

Glide your baby in style with the stroller that best suits your needs.(Up to $1,300)

Sponsored in the Zechus that all those who want children, should be blessed with children

36. Glorious Silver

$1,200 Gift Card

Set your imagination free and select any royal silver treasure you wish to enhance your Shabbos or Yom Tov table. A breathtaking Shabbos candelabra, a stunning menorah, an intricately-engraved kvort, a sparkling flower vase... and the list goes on. Buy this ticket to make dreams come true for a happy kallah – and we hope your dreams come true, too!

Co-Sponsored L'iluy Nishmas Lieba (Linda) bas Boruch Weg A"H by Yossi & Matti Korf and by Yosef & Chana Hershkowitz