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Price: $25

13. Everything But The Baby

$1,800 Gift Card

Select from a beautiful variety of leather or fabric couches with an $1,800 gift card to Everything But The Baby

14. Naturella Shaitel

Treat yourself to a new wig by Naturella
(Up to medium length only)

15. Impeccable Jewelry

$1,800 Gift Card

Select any beautiful jewelry you desire with a generous $1,800 gift card to Mink Jewelers
(Photo for illustration purposes only)

16. Luxurious Linen

$1,800 Gift Card

Choose from a vast selection of designs, textures and thread counts with a $1,800 gift card to Elegant Linen

17. Trip to Israel

Win a trip of a lifetime with 2 roundtrip tickets to Eretz HaKodesh

18. Diamond Fantasy

$1,800 Gift Card

Choose the elegant jewelry you love with a $1,800 gift card at Tzfasman’s magnificent showroom
(Photo for illustration purposes only)

19. European Getaway

We’ll get you there with 2 roundtrip tickets to a destination that suits your taste

20. Laptop

$1,800 Gift Card

Enjoy a generous $1,800 gift card to spend on any laptop you like

21. Save or Splurge

$1,500 Gift Card