Orders can be called in until Sunday, February 10, 2019 @ 7:00 PM EST at 347-770-3727.

Price: $5

71. Olivia Burton watch

$250 Gift Card

Select the most stunning feminine timepiece imaginable with a grand $250 gift certificate for a marvelous Olivia Burton watch exclusive to Nordstrom. Select a floral design or an utterly simple, clean look. Wear it, and enjoy every moment knowing you have helped a chosson and kallah enjoy their unforgettably wonderful wedding day.

לע''נ ברכה בת אליעזר הלוי ע"ה
לע''נ יחיאל בן חיים פנחס ע"ה
לע''נ דניאל בן יחיאל ע"ה

Parents and only sibling of Yaakovah (Mrs. Eliyahu) Weber

72. Primo Hat

Crown the man in your life with a hat of their choice from Primo Hatters.

Sponsored by Primo Hatters

73. Paper Goods

No need to wash the dishes – with this disposable prize - Includes 14 cases of assorted paper goods, plates, cups, napkins, aluminum pans, forks, spoons and knives plus a bonus gift of a case each of Reflections forks, knives and spoons.

Sponsored by Dovi & Nomi Andrusier

74. Crown Drugs

$300 Gift Card

Crown Drugs is a premier full service community pharmacy. They fill your prescriptions and offer a wide selection of cosmetics, vitamins and beauty products. Experience the Crown Drugs pharmacy difference for yourself with this $300 Gift Card.

Sponsored by Crown Drugs

75. Four Fluffy Feather Pillows

Feather your nest with four fine fluffy pillows, each stuffed with a quality 22 oz. of feather and white down. Pillows measure 20”x26”, and each is covered in 233 thread count fabric.

Sponsored in honor of upcoming family weddings

76. Choice of Glasses or Sunglasses

Update your look with a new pair of glasses or sunglasses at Seeview Optical.

Sponsored by Seeview Optical

77. Selection of Cookbooks

Add new pizzazz to your cooking with a great collection of cookbooks.

לע״נ מאיר יונתן בן יצחק ע״ה
לע״נ עליזה בת נח אנשיל ע״ה

78. Bon'Knit Children's Clothing

$250 Gift Card

Bring out the delicate beauty in your infant or toddler when you dress them in exquisite Bon’Knit apparel, made in Brazil. Select your favorite breathtaking ensembles with a terrific $250 Gift Certificate, and enjoy Shabbos and Yom Tov with your child more than ever.

Sponsored by Bon'Knit

79. Amazon Echo

Kids call it a toy, Bubbies call it a sign Moshiach is close – officially, it’s Amazon Echo. With voice control, command it to play music, read your day’s schedule, give a weather report, order more paper towels… It fills any room with 360 degree immersive sound and responds to your voice even with music playing. Now all we need is Moshiach.

לע''נ הרב ר' יוסף בן שמואל ע''ה וולדמן
by Naftali & Chaya Berkowitz

80. The Container Store

$250 Gift Card

Organize your life at last with a super $250 Gift Card to The Container Store.

Sponsored by Alexander & Raizel Heppenheimer in memory of
טובי'ה בן בלומא הפנהיימר ע"ה

81. Story of The Parsha

Captivate your children’s imaginations with this great “Tell me the Story of the Parsha” series spotlighting the first stories of the Torah. It features spectacular illustrations and text that is easy to read and understand.

Sponsored in z’chus of all those who need a Shidduch.

82. Kosherfamily.com

$300 Gift Card

Kosherfamily.com the virtual storefront of the Marketplace Supermarket, provides an amazing online shopping experience. The user friendly website makes it easy to shop from the comfort of your home. Enjoy this Gift Card to the site and in just a few hours fresh groceries will be at your door.

Sponsored by Kosherfamily.com

83. Magna Tiles

These innovative, magnetic building tiles are designed to hold a childs interest and attention, build critical developmental skills and promote imaginative play and creativity.

לע"נ ברוך שלום ע"ה בן משה יהושע שיחי'
by Moshe & Hinda Leah Singer/Adler & Family

84. For Lego Lovers

Build your child’s fine motor skills and imagination with a huge assortment of lego building blocks.

לע''נ התינוק אלטער הירשל דוד ע''ה בן שמעון אהרן שיחי'
by his loving parents Shimon & Chavie Strauss

85. American Girl Doll

$300 Gift Card

Imagination starts here: Journey to America’s past, stories featuring girls today, the chance to nurture a newborn – American Girl doll offers it all!

In memory of our dear mother & grandmother, מלכה בת יצחק ע"ה "Bubby Levitin" who always loved giving love and gifts to the aineklach by Temmy & Avremel Leider and Family

86. Selection of Mitzvah Kinder

Kosher fun is right at hand with this irresistibly sweet variety of Mitzvah Kinder dolls and collection sets.

לע''נ טובה גיטל בת ר' יוסף צבי ע''ה
by her family

87. Kahan’s Superette

$250 Gift Card

Fill your shopping cart without checking the prices with this $250 Gift Card to Kahan’s Superette.

Sponsored by Kahan’s Superette

88. Gutnick Seforim Collection

Breathe new life and excitement into your learning with a terrific collection of acclaimed seforim published by Gutnick and edited by the renowned Rabbi Chaim Miller. This great prize includes the 5-volume Gutnick Chumash; 3 volumes of The Practical Tanya; Tehillim; Haggadah; and Rabbi Miller’s The Five Books of Moses and Turning Judaism Outward, and more.

Sponsored by Rabbi Meyer & Shaindy Gutnick