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JP. Jackpot


1 Ticket for $10 3 Tickets for $25 Winner gets a chance to win in every box

SP. Split the Pot


1 Ticket: $10 3 Tickets: $25
Guaranteed $6,000

1. Supermarket Shopping Bonanza


Win a $1,000 per month shopping spree for an entire year at your supermarket of choice. --- L'iluy Nishmas R' Shmuel Moshe HaKohen A"H ben Avigdor Chaim and Reuven ben Mendel Leib A"H Sponsored by Anonymous L'iluy Nishmas ר׳ שמעון בן יששכר אליהו שפירא לע״נ מרת שושנה בת ר׳ יהודה ע״ה מזרחי

58. Sephora Gift Card


Splurge at Sephora with this great $550 gift card --- Sponsored by Dr. Chaim & Tova Schild

59. Soliani Shoes


Upgrade your wardrobe with your dream handcrafted designer Italian leather footwear from ASOLIANI.COM ($600 Gift Card) --- 1. Sponsored by אברהם אבא בן צבי’ה טויבא יונה בת שינא בעשא בתי’ה חי’ הענא בת טויבא יונה יהושע חיים בן טויבא יונה חיה שאה בת מנוחה רחל גיטל בת טויבא יונה מנמם מענדל בן טובא לאה ולכל ילדיה 2. Sponsored by ASOLIANI.COM

70. Gap/Old Navy/ Banana Republic


Clothe your family with quality fashion at Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic, your choice ($500 Gift Card) --- Sponsored by Gila Media

74. Toys 4 U


$500 Gift Card --- Sponsored by Anonymous

75. Freunds & Family


Find all your family needs right here at Freund's. Men's, Women's and Children's clothing at affordable prices. Shop to your heart's content with this $750 gift card. --- Sponsored by Moshe & Breina Freund Williamsburg: Freund's Perfect Fit - 679 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn NY 11211 718.254.9400 Lakewood: Freund's & Family - 1201 River Ave. #9 Lakewood NJ 08701 732.655.6000 http://www.shopfreunds.com/

76. Bon'Knit Children's Clothing


Bring out the delicate beauty in your infant or toddler when you dress them in exquisite Bon'Knit apparel, made in Brazil ($250 Gift Card) --- Sponsored by Bon'Knit

77. Kahan's Superette


Fill your shopping cart without checking the prices with this $360 gift card to Kahan’s Superette --- Sponsored by Kahan’s Superette

81. The Container Store


Organize your life at last with a super $250 gift card to the Container Store

83. Glasses or Sunglasses


Update your look with a new pair of glasses or sunglasses at Seeview Optical --- Sponsored by Seeview Optical

91. Choice of Children's Shoes


Choose the most stunning children's shoes for your little one with a generous $300 gift card to the shoe store of your choice --- Sponsored in honor of all our children and grandchildren Dr Aaron and Tamar Stoneo

95. The Kids Shoppe


Boys and girls affordable clothing. Newborn to 8 years. Beautiful selection of baby gifts and layettes ($250 Gift Card) (Non Transferable/Expires in 6 months) --- Sponsored by the Kids Shoppe