Orders can be called in until Sunday, January 21, 2018 @ 7:00 PM EST at 347-770-3727.

Price: $10

JP. Jackpot (this item is not included in the discount packages)

1 Ticket $10 3 Tickets $25 The winner gets a chance to win in every box.

50. Two Full Size Down Quilts

Welcome winter with proper bedding to keep you cozy with these two full sized down quilts, 76" x 86" featuring 32 oz. down filling, encased in 300 thread count cotton.

Dedicated in honor of Devorah Benjamin and KSCVK from the grateful students and staff at Machon L’Yahadus – Rabbi Majeski, Principal

51. 6QT Kitchen Aid

This nifty machine makes short work of creating the most luscious cakes and challahs as well as delectable ice creams, juices and side dishes. A basic necessity for every kitchen.

Sponsored in honor of my beautiful neighbor and friend Simi, Emmanuella & Tsofia לעילוי נשמת יהושע רפאל הלוי ע''ה בן הערשל לייב הלוי פולונסקי יבלחט'א

52. Enchanting Treasures

$600 Gift Card

You’ll be climbing a stairway to paradise when you get the chance to choose one of these elegant Victorian-themed pendants crafted of 14K rose gold, colored stones, and diamonds. Or select any fine jewelry you love from Kirsh’s delightful showroom with a $600 gift card.

לע''נ מרים בת משה פלוטניק ע״ה לע״נ יהודית בת אשר אנשול ליבליך ע״ה

53. Homegoods Marshalls TJ Maxx

$400 Gift Card

Make your home a welcoming haven when you buy home essentials and accessories at deep discounts from Home Goods, Marshalls or TJ Maxx.

Sponsored by Tashbar Transportation in memory of Leah Mezzi

54. Welcome Home

$400 Gift Card

Who hasn’t passed by the Welcome Home store on Kingston Avenue and marveled at its elaborate display of splendid housewares? Here’s a chance to go for this great prize and win the opportunity to choose $400 of your favorites from Welcome Home’s lavish selection. Get your tickets right now.

Sponsored by Welcome Home

55. The Rebbe’s Wisdom

Learn the Rebbe’s sichos on the parsha or absorb the wisdom of the Igros Kodesh, the choice and the chance to gain an immense amount of knowledge, is all yours.

Sponsored in memory of ר' יוסף צבי בן חיים וואלאוויק by Aaron and Aida Junik

56. Designer Bag

$400 Gift Card

Splurge on your dream bag from the designer of your choice with this great $400 Gift Card.

Sponsored by Shloime & Faigy Gutleizer

57. L'Chaim Package

For the Scotch connoisseur, this assortment of outstanding bottles will make any occasion truly memorable.

Sponsored by Dovid & Etty Goldberg & family, L’zchus Simchas in our family לבשורות טובות בקרוב ממש

58. Rambam in English

Access the wisdom of the Rambam with Rabbi Eliyahu Touger’s superb free-flowing yet scholarly Hebrew/ English translation of the Mishnah Torah. An excellent addition to every Chassidish home.

לע''נ דוד זאנוויל בן דניאל בער שולץ from the Shultz and Blotner families

59. Calphalon Pots

Combining the long lasting durability of stainless steel with the superior performance of highly conductive heavy gorge aluminum core, calphalon tri-ply cookware makes it easy to prepare mouth watering meals day after day. This 13-piece set comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Sponsored in zechus all thosewho need a shidduch

60. Miele C2 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Your new Miele vacuum cleaner will clean your floors and rugs in a snap. Includes turbo nozzle for low-and medium-pile carpets, plus specialty tools with convenient self-storage.

לעילוי נשמת יהושע רפאל הלוי ע''ה בן הערשל לייב הלוי פולונסקי יבלחט'א

61. Snowblower

Enjoy the pretty falling snowflakes from now on without a worry. You’ll make short work of every snowfall with a great new gas-powered snow thrower from Yard Machines.

Sponsored by True Value Hardware

62. Childrens Place or Gap

$400 Gift Card

Clothe your children with quality kid’s fashion at the Children’s Place or Gap, your choice.

Sponsored L'zecher Nishmas our dear father, Eliyahu ben Aryeh Zev by Rabbi Yosef & Chana Lipsker

63. Prestige Embroidery

Preserve your precious Tefillin with a magnificent three piece set, choose from a vast variety of high quality leather in all shades and fabrics from Prestige Embroidery.
Sponsored by Prestige Embroidery L’iluy Nishmas Nechemia Yom Tov ben Mordechai A"H

64. Midrash Says

Nothing informs, spellbinds and builds a deep sense of Jewish pride like stories from the Midrash. Enjoy Midrash on the entire Chumash plus many more, all in English translation.

Sponsored by Mazal Zirkind & Family in honor of her dear mother Farcha bat Muzell and in loving memory of her father Ephraim ben Yaakov A"H!

65. Point & Shoot

Your next outing or party will produce a whole new line of fabulous quality photos because you’re the winner of this fantastic Canon PowerShot pocket-sized camera, compliments of KSCVK. Great features include 20.0 megapixel sensor, DIGIC 6 processor, 3X optical zoom, control and touch panel, and more. Years from now, you’ll be grateful for the beautiful memories you captured today.

Sponsored by Yechiel & Rochel Leah Jaffe