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Keren Simchas Chosson V'Kallah » Women

21. Colorado Ski Trip - Ski in, Ski out condo

A thrilling opportunity: spend 5 glorious days and 4 nights at a luxuriously-appointed 2-bedroom, 2-bath ski in/ski out condo at the Steamboat Ski area in steamboat springs, Colorado. This terrific pize includes 2 round trip airline tickets (within the continental U.S.); feel free to bring along 4 more because the condo sleeps 6! prize also includes 2 days’ worth of chair lift tickets for 2 in winter or 2 days’ bike rentals for 2 in summer. you can relish many other fabulous attractions in the area, including mountain tubing, scenic gondola tours, horseback riding, sleigh ride dinners, winter photography tours, hot springs, and spa treatments.

Sponsored by Chana Holtzberg

22. Laptop Computer - Your Choice

$1,800 Gift Card

Love balancing the family budget, or designing lesson plans in the garden? do it all, anywhere, on your great new laptop! when you win this super prize, you will enjoy a generous $1,800 gift card to spend on any laptop you like.

Sponsored for all the great work you do from Dovid & Malkie Smetana

24. Sensational Jewelry

$1,500 Gift Card

A thrilling thought: you dream you won this entrancing 14K yellow gold heart pendant outlined in artfully designed clusters of glittering diamonds, plus coordinating scalloped diamond drop earrings in an elegant baroque shape. You awaken to fid them under your pillow… KSCVK thanks you warmly for your deep devotion to our worthy couples who, because of you, will begin their lives together in the most joyous way possible.

(Jewelry pictured is for illustration purposes only. Choose any jewelry at gift certificate value from the luxurious collection at the Kirsch showroom.)
Sponsored by Rivky Kirsh of Kirsh Jewelers

26. Save or Splurge

$1,500 Visa Gift Card

Purchase seforim, fly off ad surprise someone, take a well deserved break, donate to tzedoka or save for a rainy day. do you really need us to tell you what to do with a $1,500 Visa gift Card.

Sponsored by Chony and Chanchi Milecki, in merit of all our family and friends who are looking for their mate. May it happen quickly and easily!

27. Captivating Jewelry

$1,500 Gift Card

Happy daydream: you are giving your home a thorough cleaning and notice a loose baseboard. Behind it you find a paper parcel containing outstanding jewelry: a breathtaking yellow 14K gold bracelet of sliced sapphire medallions cut in contemporary heart shapes and traced in diamonds; a mouthwatering pink sapphire and diamond cocktail ring; and enchanting drop earrings featuring twirling hoops of pink sapphires and diamonds… the real treasure, of course, is our precious KSCVK kallahs, and the fact that your support enables them to establish their homes in dignity and joy.

(Jewelry pictured is for illustration purposes only. Choose any jewelry at gift certificate value from the fie collection at the Laine showroom.)
Sponsored by Levi Laine Jewelers

32. Seforim Wish List

$1,500 Gift Card

Learn to your hearts content with this dream gift: a $1,500 Gift Card to Kehos, eichler’s or seforimsets.com

Sponsored by Avremel and Tobi Lokshin and Nachmen and Toby Lokshin in honor of the amazing work that Devorah Benjamin does. In zechus that the basherts of all the singles should be revealed immediately and clearly.

33. Target

$1,200 Gift Card

So much to choose from – clothing to housewares, furniture to toys and so much more with this $1,200 gift Card from target.

Sponsored by Anonymous

38. $1,000 Visa Gift Card

So many dreams can come true when you win this $1,000 Visa gift Card.

42. Macys Gift Card

$1,000 Gift Card

$1,000 Gift Card to Macy’s, the largest department store in New York City.

לע"נ פעסי'ה לאה הי"ד בת שרגא פייוול ע"ה לאפיין
לע''נ ישראל בן שמואל הכהן

44. Tickets to Anywhere in the USA

With Chabad in all 50 States the destinations are endless, with these two roundtrip tickets to anywhere in the continental USA.

Sponsored in Zechus of the KSCVK Family.

52. Splendid Jewelry

$600 Gift Card

Bring on the happiest music to ring in the next Yom Tov or simcha with a stunning new 14k gold and diamond band to grace your finger. A link chain design accented with precious diamonds, a sparkling heart or square medallion motif, a tri-color twisted band with glittering diamonds – choose the 14K gold ring (or any other jewelry) you love best from the beautiful collection at Kirsh Jewelry, compliments of KSCVK.
(Jewelry pictured is for illustration purposes only. Choose any jewelry at gift certificate value from the splendid collection at the Kirsch showroom.)

לע''נ מרים בת משה פלוטניק ע''ה
לע''נ ישראל בן יוסף פלוטניק ע''ה
לע''נ יהודית בת אשר אנשול ליבליך ע''ה

53. HomeGoods Marshalls TJ-Maxx

$400 Gift Card

Make your home a welcoming haven when you buy home essentials and accessories at deep discounts from Home Goods, Marshalls or TJ Maxx.

Sponsored in loving memory of our bubby Perel bas Binyomin Hahn A"H

56. Designer Bag

$400 Gift Card

Splurge on your dream bag from the designer of your choice with this great $400 Gift Card.

Sponsored by Shloime & Faigy Gutleizer

68. One Year of Manicures

Keep your hands looking their loveliest with a year’s worth of manicures – once a week at the salon of your choice. (Cannot exceed $550)

Sponsored Lilluy Nishmas Tanya Leah bas Yaakov A"H

69. Spa Package

$500 Gift Card

Pamper yourself with a facial, deluxe massage or a wax, choose the luxurious beauty treatments you deserve with this fabulous $500 Gift Card to the spa of your choice.

Sponsored by Chaim and Leah Neiman & family

70. Frieda Rothman

$300 Gift Card

Your show-stopping FREIDA ROTHMAN jewelry or accessory gift is waiting! Freida finds her primary inspiration right outside the door of her headquarters in Brooklyn. Modern classics with contemporary edge feature her signature matte gold finishes and two-toned metals, setting her designs apart. A second-generation jeweler, Freida learned the fine jewelry trade from her father and spearheaded that knowledge into her own eponymous business. Freida continues to explore the depths of fashion in an unexpected way that evokes a captivating and indefinable characteristic.

Sponsored by Frieda Rothman

71. Olivia Burton watch

$250 Gift Card

Select the most stunning feminine timepiece imaginable with a grand $250 gift certificate for a marvelous Olivia Burton watch exclusive to Nordstrom. Select a floral design or an utterly simple, clean look. Wear it, and enjoy every moment knowing you have helped a chosson and kallah enjoy their unforgettably wonderful wedding day.

לע''נ ברכה בת אליעזר הלוי ע"ה
לע''נ יחיאל בן חיים פנחס ע"ה
לע''נ דניאל בן יחיאל ע"ה

Parents and only sibling of Yaakovah (Mrs. Eliyahu) Weber

76. Choice of Glasses or Sunglasses

Update your look with a new pair of glasses or sunglasses at Seeview Optical.

Sponsored by Seeview Optical