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Keren Simchas Chosson V'Kallah » Household

48. Sichos Kodesh

New Prize!

New improved edition 50 volumes includes all Sichos 5710-5742 Original Yiddish with new diaries from chassidim

50. Torah Learner's Paradise

$1,000 Gift Card

This prize is a Torah learner’s paradise: win a $1,000 gift certificate for any seforim you desire

51. 2 Full-Size Down Quilts & Pillows

$1,000 Gift Card

Two full sized down quilts, 76” x 86” featuring 32oz. down filling, encased in 300 thread count cotton

52. KitchenAid Package

Enjoy working in your kitchen when you power through all your food prep tasks with a fabulous, beautiful, colorcoordinated set of KitchenAid countertop appliances

53. Costco or BJ's

$1,000 Gift Card

Shop Costco or BJ's with a $1,000 gift card

54. $1,000 Groceries

$1,000 Gift Card

Who doesn’t want to win carts full of free groceries – to the tune of $1,000 – at the grocery store of their choice

55. Glorious Jewelry

$600 Gift Card

A resplendent classic leafy 14K yellow gold ring, with precious diamonds twinkling from among the tendrils
(Photo for illustration purposes only)

58. Homegoods/ Marshalls/TJ Maxx

$500 Gift Card

Buy home essentials and accessories at deep discounts from Homegoods, Marshalls or TJ Maxx

59. Designer Bag

$550 Gift Card

Splurge on your dream bag from a designer of your choice with this great $550 gift card

62. Tefillin Bags

$800 Gift Card

Select a magnificent look from the kaleidoscopic choice of leather and thread colors and styles at Judaica Creations

64. Roomba Vacuum

Have your floors vacuumed for you with no effort with Roomba! Cleans all floor types and is simple to use

65. Calphalon Pots

Prepare mouth watering meals day after day with this 13-piece set of stainless steel

66. Judaica Treasures

$500 Gift Card

A delightful selection beckons when you win a fabulous $500 gift certificate for the Judaica items of your choice

67. Midrash Says

Enjoy Midrash on the entire Chumash plus many more, all in English translation

70. 2 Talleisim

Select one tallis each for Shabbos and weekdays, or share the prize with a friend. You may even opt to donate these beautiful talleisim to a worthy KSCVK Chosson

72. Manicures

$550 Gift Card

2 Winners!

Keep your hands looking their loveliest with a year’s worth of manicures – once a week at the salon of your choice
(Cannot exceed $550)

73. Doona Stroller

Doona strollers convert in seconds from a stroller into an infant car seat with the highest standards of safety and style