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Keren Simchas Chosson V'Kallah » Judaica

GP. Grand Prize (this item is not included in the discount packages)

$10,000 in Cash

1 Ticket for $50
3 Tickets for $125

JP. Jackpot (this item is not included in the discount packages)

1 Ticket $10
3 Tickets $25
The winner gets a chance to win in every box.

8. Schottenstein or Koren Shas

A deluxe set of Talmud Bavli, the classic Vilna edition rendered in masterful English translation with carefully researched footnotes and elucidations

9. $2,500 Cash

Use your extra cash flow for day to day spending or splurge on something exquisite with $2,500 cash

12. Fabulous Silver

$3,000 Gift Card

Adorn your Shabbos, Yom Tov or Chanukah table with a unique assortment of sterling silver items from Elite Sterling’s stellar collection (Photo for illustration purposes only)

21. Save or Splurge

$1,500 Gift Card

23. Megillas Esther

2 Winners!

Enjoy reading from your very own Mehudar Megillah, written in the ksav of your choice

24. Children's Books and More

Your kids will delight with their own couch and $360 worth of Jewish children’s books to your store of choice. Plus a complete collection of D.L.
Rosenfeld’s classic series and a $360 gift card from Hachai Publications

25. Me'am Lo'ez

Me’am Lo’ez counted as one of the best commentaries written on the Torah. The Torah Anthology provides one of the clearest overviews of Chumash and Nach

27. Seforim Wish List

$1,500 Gift Card

Learn to your hearts conent with this dream gift: a $1,500 gift card to Kehos, Eichler’s or seforimsets.com

33. Glorious Silver

$1,200 Gift Card

Select any royal silver treasure you wish to enhance your Shabbos or Yom Tov table with this $1,200 gift card to Elite Sterling

38. $1,000 Visa Gift Card

2 Winners!

So many dreams can come true when you win this $1,000 Visa gift card

48. Sichos Kodesh

New Prize!

New improved edition 50 volumes includes all Sichos 5710-5742 Original Yiddish with new diaries from chassidim

50. Torah Learner's Paradise

$1,000 Gift Card

This prize is a Torah learner’s paradise: win a $1,000 gift certificate for any seforim you desire

61. CR Judaica Art

$500 Gift Card

New Prize!

You can choose from a Handmade Challah board, Bouquet/flower preservation or Judaica art, with this $500 gift card to CR Judaica Art

62. Tefillin Bags

$800 Gift Card

Select a magnificent look from the kaleidoscopic choice of leather and thread colors and styles at Judaica Creations

66. Judaica Treasures

$500 Gift Card

A delightful selection beckons when you win a fabulous $500 gift certificate for the Judaica items of your choice