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Keren Simchas Chosson V'Kallah » Judaica

67. Midrash Says


Enjoy Midrash on the entire Chumash plus many more, all in English translation

70. 2 Talleisim


Select one tallis each for Shabbos and weekdays, or share the prize with a friend. You may even opt to donate these beautiful talleisim to a worthy KSCVK Chosson

80. Silk Gartel


2 Winners!

This resplendent silk gartel will surely enhance your davening experience

84. Pardas Rambam


New Prize!

Rambam text with vowels based on Yemenite manuscript Brand new edition with Sichos of the Rebbe

85. Gutnick Seforim


Deluxe leather-bound Gutnick Chumashim, Haggadah, Megillas Esther and Rambam’s 13 Principles of Faith will refresh your Torah study

88. Story of The Parsha


Captivate your children’s imaginations with this great “Tell me the Story of the Parsha” series spotlighting the first stories of the Torah