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Keren Simchas Chosson V'Kallah » Silver

GP. Grand Prize (this item is not included in the discount packages)

1 Ticket for $50
3 Tickets for $125

$10,000 in Cash

JP. Jackpot (this item is not included in the discount packages)

1 Ticket $10
3 Tickets $25
The winner gets a chance to win in every box.

15. Impeccable Jewelry $1,800 Gift Card

Select any beautiful jewelry you desire with a generous $1,800 gift card to Mink Jewelers(Photo for illustration purposes only) Co-Sponsored by Mink Jewelers & Devorah Leah & Mendy Coen

18. Diamond Fantasy $1,800 Gift Card

Choose the elegant jewelry you love with a $1,800 gift card at Tzfasman’s magnificent showroom (Photo for illustration purposes only) Sponsored by Tzfasman Jewelers, tzfasmanjewelers.com

34. Glorious Silver $1,200 Gift Card

Select any royal silver treasure you wish to enhance your Shabbos or Yom Tov table with this $1,200 gift card to Elite Sterling Co-Sponsored L’iluy Nishmas Lieba (Linda) bas Boruch Weg A”H by Yossi & Matti Korf & לע‘‘נ דוד זאנוויל בן דניאל בער וזוגותו מרת מאריאשא בת אהרן משה שולץ ע‘‘ה by the Shultz and Blotner Families

43. Kirsh Jewelry $1,000 Gift Card

Add elegance to your appearance with A $1,000 Gift Certificate to Kirsh Jewelry. Choose from our magnificent selection of gold and diamond classics, or dive into our trends collections. There's something for everyone! Sponsored in honor of their children and grandchildren Lea & Tuvia Schottenstein

54. Glorious Jewelry $600 Gift Card

A resplendent classic leafy 14K yellow gold ring, with precious diamonds twinkling from among the tendrils (Photo for illustration purposes only) לע‘‘נ ישראל בן יוסף וזוגתו מרת מרים בת משה פלוטניק ע‘‘ה לע‘‘נ אברהם יוסף בן משה וזוגתו מרת רבקה יהודית בת אשר אנשול & ליבליך ע‘‘ה