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Keren Simchas Chosson V'Kallah » Electronics

GP. Grand Prize (this item is not included in the discount packages)


$10,000 in Cash

1 Ticket for $50
3 Tickets for $125

JP. Jackpot (this item is not included in the discount packages)


1 Ticket $10
3 Tickets $25
The winner gets a chance to win in every box.

SP. Split the Pot (this item is not included in the discount packages)


1 Ticket $10 3 Tickets $25 Guaranteed $6,000

6. Electrifying Jewelry $2,500 Gift Card


Choose the elegant jewelry you love with a $2,500 gift card at Kirsh’s magnificent showroom (Photo for illustration purposes only) In honor of Devorah Benjamin from a friend in Los Angeles

7. Desktop or Laptop $2,500 Gift Card


Select your dream PC or Mac with a stupendous $2,500 gift card, compliments of KSCVK לזכות ולעילוי נשמת מרת מרים בת ר‘ משה יעקב הכהן ע‘‘ה

20. Laptop $1,800 Gift Card


Enjoy a generous $1,800 gift card to spend on any laptop you like Lilluy Nishmas Basha Lieba A”H bas Reb Avrohom

31. Washer and Dryer $1,300 Gift Card


Use this $1,300 gift card towards any brand of Washer/Dryer of your liking Lilluy Nishmas Dovid Tzvi ben Moshe Chaim and Moshe ben Dovid Yosef A”H

37. Smartphone


Stay connected, informed and entertained with the most upto-date smartphone Sponsored by Chaim Backman Home Care Physical Therapy - 347 292 7745 in memory of Chava bas Simcha Z”L & Yaakov ben Eliyahu Z”L

44. B&H Gift Card $1,000 Gift Card


Sponsored by Gila Media

48. KitchenAid Package


Enjoy working in your kitchen when you power through all your food prep tasks with a fabulous, beautiful, color-coordinated set of KitchenAid countertop appliances Sponsored by anonymous

50. MacBook Air 13


Sponsored by Eli Reiter L'zecher Nishmas Chaya Lea Yehudis bas Necha Frahdel

52. Electric Scooter


Whiz around town at up to 19 mph on this thrilling luxury electric kick scooter Sponsored in honor of the Rebbe from the Piha Family

57. Roomba Vacuum


Have your floors vacuumed for you with no effort with Roomba! Cleans all floor types and is simple to use Dedicated in honor of Devorah Benjamin and KSCVK from the grateful students and staff at Machon L’Yahadus - Rabbi Majeski, Principal

61. Apple Watch Series 6


The Apple Watch Series 6 has an abundance of new features On Retina display, the ECG app, international emergency calling, fall detection and a built in compass Sponsored by the Lavner Families from USA and Canada

66. Apple iPad - 10.2


לע‘‘נ הת‘ יצחק גדלי‘ בן ר‘ משה ע‘‘ה פעלדמאן נפטר ערב חנוכה, כ‘‘ד כסלו, ה‘תשפ‘‘א Donated by his friend Levi Greenwald ‘ש

72. 2 Pairs of Airpods


לעילוי נשמות מרת טובה גיטל בת ר‘ יוסף צבי משה ונעמי בת ר‘ אברהם משה

79. Ring Doorbell


Use your smartphone to see and speak with visitors anywhere in the world with the magic of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro Sponsored by the Greenberg family in honor of Devorah Benjamin & Shmuly Brashevitzky