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Keren Simchas Chosson V'Kallah

16. Luxurious Linen

$1,800 Gift Card

Choose from a vast selection of designs, textures and thread counts with a $1,800 gift card to Elegant Linen

17. Trip to Israel

Win a trip of a lifetime with 2 roundtrip tickets to Eretz HaKodesh

18. Diamond Fantasy

$1,800 Gift Card

Choose the elegant jewelry you love with a $1,800 gift card at Tzfasman’s magnificent showroom
(Photo for illustration purposes only)

19. European Getaway

We’ll get you there with 2 roundtrip tickets to a destination that suits your taste

20. Laptop

$1,800 Gift Card

Enjoy a generous $1,800 gift card to spend on any laptop you like

21. Save or Splurge

$1,500 Gift Card

22. Two Beds

A pair of oh so comfy spring mattresses with box springs (up to 54”)

23. Megillas Esther

2 Winners!

Enjoy reading from your very own Mehudar Megillah, written in the ksav of your choice

24. Children's Books and More

Your kids will delight with their own couch and $360 worth of Jewish children’s books to your store of choice. Plus a complete collection of D.L.
Rosenfeld’s classic series and a $360 gift card from Hachai Publications

25. Me'am Lo'ez

Me’am Lo’ez counted as one of the best commentaries written on the Torah. The Torah Anthology provides one of the clearest overviews of Chumash and Nach

26. Sensational Jewelry

$1,500 Gift Card

2 Winners!

Choose from a fabulous collection of pieces from their state-of-the-art showroom with a generous gift card of $1,500 to Kirsh Jewelers
(Photo for illustration purposes only)

27. Seforim Wish List

$1,500 Gift Card

Learn to your hearts conent with this dream gift: a $1,500 gift card to Kehos, Eichler’s or seforimsets.com

28. Lowes or Ikea

$1,200 Gift Card

Choose to use this $1,200 gift card at Lowes for all your home improvement and building supplies or Ikea for world famous inexpensive quality furniture

29. Captivating Jewelry

$1,500 Gift Card

Select any fine L. Laine jewelry you love with a generous gift card of $1,500 to spend at their stunning showroom
(Photo for illustration purposes only)

30. Target

$1,200 Gift Card

So much to choose from – clothing to housewares, furniture to toys and so much more with this $1,200 gift card from Target

31. Washer & Dryer

$1,300 Gift Card

Use this $1,300 gift card towards any brand of Washer/Dryer of your liking

32. Women's $1,200 Shopping Spree

$1,200 Gift Card

All things will be beautiful with a choice of fine items from your favorite stores. Gift card can be divided in any combination to either Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom

33. Glorious Silver

$1,200 Gift Card

Select any royal silver treasure you wish to enhance your Shabbos or Yom Tov table with this $1,200 gift card to Elite Sterling