Orders can be placed online or by phone at (718) 663 - 4255 until
Friday, June 14th, 4pm.

Keren Simchas Chosson V'Kallah

70. Gap/Old Navy/ Banana Republic

Clothe your family with quality fashion at Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic, your choice ($500 Gift Card) --- Sponsored by Gila Media

71. Color Palette Session

Get pampered! Win a full palette session package by Chana Hurwitz - @the colorfulhue. Color Specialist in art, design and fashion related products. The session will include your season and metal and color swatches. @thecolorfulhue 929 340 8250 --- Sponsored by Chana Hurwitz

72. Doona Stroller

Doona strollers convert in seconds from a stroller into an infant car seat with the highest standards of safety and style --- Sponsored in honor of Devorah Benjamin

73. Manicures

Keep your hands looking their loveliest with a year’s worth of manicures – once a week at the salon of your choice (Cannot exceed $550) --- Sponsored by Shlomie and Faigy Gutleizer and in zechus of a brocha for those that need shidduchim

74. Toys 4 U

$500 Gift Card --- Sponsored by Anonymous

75. Freunds & Family

Find all your family needs right here at Freund's. Men's, Women's and Children's clothing at affordable prices. Shop to your heart's content with this $750 gift card. --- Sponsored by Moshe & Breina Freund Williamsburg: Freund's Perfect Fit - 679 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn NY 11211 718.254.9400 Lakewood: Freund's & Family - 1201 River Ave. #9 Lakewood NJ 08701 732.655.6000 http://www.shopfreunds.com/

76. Bon'Knit Children's Clothing

Bring out the delicate beauty in your infant or toddler when you dress them in exquisite Bon'Knit apparel, made in Brazil ($250 Gift Card) --- Sponsored by Bon'Knit

77. Kahan's Superette

Fill your shopping cart without checking the prices with this $360 gift card to Kahan’s Superette --- Sponsored by Kahan’s Superette

78. 2 Pairs of Airpods

Choice of Apple Ear Buds or Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro --- Sponsored L'iluy Nishmas R' Shmuel Moshe HaKohen A"H ben Avigdor Chaim by Devorah's "sisters" of the Achdus Group

79. Primo Hat

Crown the man in your life with a hat of their choice from Primo Hatters --- Sponsored by Primo Hatters

80. American Girl Doll

Journey to America's past, stories featuring girls today, the chance to nurture a newborn - American Girl dolls offer it all --- L'iluy Nishmas Dovid ben Sara

81. The Container Store

Organize your life at last with a super $250 gift card to the Container Store

82. Silk Gartel

This resplendent silk Gartel will surely enhance your davening experience --- לע’נ מרדכי צבי בן יצחק ע’’ה Sponsored in loving memory of Reb Yosef and Chaya Mochkin Z"L

83. Glasses or Sunglasses

Update your look with a new pair of glasses or sunglasses at Seeview Optical --- Sponsored by Seeview Optical

84. Sourdough Bread

2 loaves of sourdough bread per week, compliments of Crust Baker, (limit 2 per week, must be pre-ordered) only until Tishrei 5785/2024! --- Sponsored by Crust Baker

85. Story of The Parsha

Captivate your children's imaginations with this great "Tell me the Story of the Parsha" series spotlighting stories of the Torah --- Sponsored in Z'chus of all those who need a Shidduch

86. Mitzvah Kinder

Kosher fun is right at hand with this variety of Mitzvah Kinder dolls and collection sets --- לע’’נ הלל בן משה זלמן הכהן & מרדכי יעקב בן יוסף הכהן ע’’ה פערל בת חיים שמאי ע’’ה

87. Magna Tiles

These innovative, magnetic building tiles are designed to hold a child's interest and promote imaginative play and creativity