Orders can be called in until Sunday, February 10, 2019 @ 7:00 PM EST at 347-770-3727.

Keren Simchas Chosson V'Kallah

88. Gutnick Seforim Collection

Breathe new life and excitement into your learning with a terrific collection of acclaimed seforim published by Gutnick and edited by the renowned Rabbi Chaim Miller. This great prize includes the 5-volume Gutnick Chumash; 3 volumes of The Practical Tanya; Tehillim; Haggadah; and Rabbi Miller’s The Five Books of Moses and Turning Judaism Outward, and more.

Sponsored by Rabbi Meyer & Shaindy Gutnick

89. Silk Gartel

This resplendent silk gartel will surely enhance your davening experience and remind you of your soul’s beautiful bond with the A-lmighty.

Sponsored by Sofer

90. Essel Eyewear

What will it be this time? – A stylish pair of frames for an adult? A vintage design out of the pages of history? A fun, colorful pair of frames for a child? You’ll join a host of satisfied customers when you select one pair of frames plus lenses, compliments of Essel Eyewear of Crown Heights.

Sponsored by Essel Eyewear

91. The Kids Shoppe

$250 Gift card

Located in the heart of Crown Heights. Boys and girls affordable clothing. Newborn to 8 years. Beautiful selection of baby gifts and layettes. Non-transferable / expires in 6 months.

Sponsored by The Kids Shoppe

92. Three 30-minute CHILD CranioSac ral Therapy sessions

CST balances the nervous system using a gentle manual touch with the intent of addressing strain patterns held within the body. This modality supports the whole body function, thereby benefitting the emotional and/or physical symptoms your child may be exhibiting.

($200 Value)

93. Make -up by Mushky Ess

The perfect solution to your next simcha is now within your reach. Cross the make-up task off your to do list and treat yourself and 2 friends to a whole new look with this incredible make-up prize for 3.

94. Hair for 5 by Devora Namdar

Get your hair done, and/or wigs washed and set, for your next simcha.
This offer provides a service for five people.

95. Make Up for 3 by Gittel

For your next simcha, treat yourself and family or friends to a grand makeup session for three by the talented Gittel Rosenberger.
(Restrictions apply)
Make up by Gittel 347-985-0567

96. $250 Gift Card Stan’s Cleaners

Leave your wallet at home when you pick up those snappylooking clothes from the cleaners – win a great $250 Gift Card to Stan’s Cleaners!

לע”נ הרה”ח דובער בן ר’ נפתלי ע”ה
לזכות פרומא בת אלטא שרה צארטל שתחי’

97. Cranio-sacral Therapy

(CST) is a gentle, hands-on holistic healing method that releases tensions deep in the body to improve emotional health, physical well-being and whole-body performance. CST has gained its popularity for effectively relieving its clients from anxiety and stress related symptoms, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, chronic pain, hormone imbalances and many other health concerns. Its gentle approach offers a relaxing pleasant experience for all ages. Includes 2 one-hour adult sessions.

98. Spielman Carpet Cleaning 917.370.7037

Pesach is coming – time to win this great prize and delight in your fresh, lovely carpets. Shmuel Spielman will professionally clean your carpets in two rooms plus one hallway, compliments of KSCVK.

לע”נ ישעי' בן יוסף הכהן, חי'ה בת יעקב יואל ע”ה
לע”נ הרב גבריאל נח הי"ד בן ר' נחמן שיחי', רבקה הי"ד בת ר' שמעון שיחי'

99. Subscription to Chayenu

Enjoy a year of daily Shiurim with Chayenu, in print and app form. Learning material at your fingertips.

100. Crown Elite Las er by Devorie

Enjoy 3 laser sessions and one half-hour electrolysis session for safe, effective hair removal utilizing state-ofthe- art, sterile equipment in the private, relaxing setting of Devorie’s salon.

101. Empire Pre ss – 100 Monogrammed Bentchers

Place the crowning touch on your next simcha with 100 beautiful monogrammed bentchers courtesy of Empire Press. Or order them to add to your Purim Shalach Manos as a gift friends will enjoy year-round.

102. Vaad Printing 500 Thank You Cards

Writing thank you notes for a simcha, or any time, will be elegant and effortless with 500 beautiful monogrammed cards courtesy of Crown Heights’ own Vaad Printing.

103. Brooklyn Hair loft

Get your wig washed/updo or have your girls hair done for the next family simcha. Up to $150 value.

Faigy Vail 539 Montgomery St. side entrance www.BrooklynHairLoft.com - 347-722-0959